At Azurity, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of patients who may have been overlooked by other pharmaceutical companies.

We develop and supply a wide range of medicines with the number growing each year.

We have an acknowledged strength in dose-form innovation, developing new medical options for patients who have needs not met by what is currently available.

Many of our medicines serve the needs of small patient groups, treating rare or “orphan” conditions or meeting the needs of particular populations. The linking theme is the aim to help overlooked patients.

We currently supply FDA-approved branded medicines across six broad therapeutic areas (anti-infective, cardiovascular, central nervous system, gastrointestinal, endocrine and oncology) and in seven different dosage forms.

Our development scientists in Kansas City and Hyderabad are working on multiple prototypes for new medicines. In our laboratories and through our development partnerships with other organizations we currently have 26 projects in our development pipeline.

We have a long track record of launching new products each year and plan to increase the number of annual launches in the future.

At Azurity, we are driven by our passion for innovation and patient well-being. We are proud to offer patient-centered solutions and are constantly looking to create new possibilities for overlooked patients.