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About Us

Our Mission

Azurity’s mission is to make safe, high-quality treatments for patients who require formulations of drugs other than what is commonly commercially available.

We focus on the needs of special patient populations, such as children and the elderly, for whom customized doses and user-friendly formulations tailored to their needs do not exist.

Azurity’s growing portfolio of FDA-approved drugs eliminates the need for compounding and gives these patients an easy-to-consume medication that meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

In some cases, when an FDA-approved formulation is not yet available and compounding is required, our convenient FIRST® Unit-of-Use Kits allow pharmacists to provide patients with a product manufactured with high quality and standardization.

Our Vision

Our many strengths make us an industry leader in providing affordable, accessible, quality medications for patients.

Our vision for the future includes:

  • A focus on pediatric and elderly patients across four core therapeutic areas, including cardiology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, and hematology/oncology.
  • A broad portfolio of customizable, user-friendly drug formulation technologies, including ready-to-use liquid formulations, kits for oral liquid reconstitution, and topical preparations.
  • Fully integrated and internalized operations across the whole pharmaceutical value chain, from drug development to commercialization.
  • Deep operational expertise in pharmaceutical small batch manufacturing.

Our Values

Three core values form the foundation of Azurity’s strength as a corporation, and as a community.


We put the needs of our patients and caregivers at the center of everything we do, including the decisions we make.


We aim to provide our patients with the highest-quality, safe, and effective therapies for their needs.


We use the best science and manufacturing techniques to deliver cost-effective, high-value medications to our patients.

About Azurity

Azurity Pharmaceuticals is a privately-held specialty pharmaceutical company formed by the acquisition of Silvergate Pharmaceuticals, Inc. by CutisPharma, Inc., in May 2019.

Azurity focuses on the needs of patients, especially children and the elderly, requiring customized, user-friendly drug formulations.

Azurity’s products include Epaned® (enalapril maleate) Oral Solution, Qbrelis® (lisinopril) Oral Solution, Xatmep® (methotrexate) Oral Solution, Katerzia® (amlodipine) Oral Suspension, FIRVANQ® (vancomycin hydrochloride) for oral solution, and FIRST® Unit-of-Use Compounding Kits.

These products have benefited millions of patients who are unable to swallow conventional oral dosage forms such as tablets and capsules and whose needs are not served by other commercially available therapies.