About Us

Azurity Pharmaceuticals is a privately held, specialty pharmaceutical company that focuses on innovative products that meet the needs of patients with underserved conditions. As an industry leader in providing unique, accessible, and high-quality medications, Azurity leverages its integrated capabilities and vast partner network to continually expand its broad commercial product portfolio and robust late-stage pipeline. The company’s patient-centric products span the cardiovascular, neurology, endocrinology, gastro-intestinal, institutional, and orphan markets, and have benefited millions of patients.

Our Purpose

Serving Overlooked Patients

We adapt established medicines for patients who have needs
not met by what is currently available.


We are intentional about differentiating ourselves in three ways:

  • Development at scale and speed
  • Enhanced commercial capability
  • Inspired and empowered colleagues


The Azurity Way

The Azurity Way is our guide. It informs why we exist, what we do, our plan for success and how our colleagues show up every day – to deliver for our patients and each other.

Clarity Collaboration Empathy Reliability Simplicity
We prize clarity because it enables action, eliminates confusion, promotes efficiency and frees us to do our best work. Clarity comes from solid data, deep understanding and purposeful choices. It helps us to be decisive. We recognize the enormous gains that come from talented people working together, inspired by common purpose. We share information and plans to ensure collective understanding and commitment, and to align our actions. We pay attention to the concerns of colleagues and external stakeholders. We seek to understand the diverse views of others before deciding. We take time to appreciate the needs of patients. We understand our responsibilities to each other and to our external stakeholders. We do what we say we will. We make and keep promises and we count on each other. We seek simplicity in everything. We cut through complexity to get to the heart of problems and opportunities. We make things as simple as we can, to promote understanding, ease of action and speed.