Click on the Start / Windows icon and select Settings app under the Pinned apps to open the System Settings. When you have an issue with your Windows 11 system, try running your problem-related troubleshooter. The troubleshooting method may help you in discovering and correcting your problem automatically.

That means there are also many different solutions for each. During that day, Realtek HD Audio Service has stopped 2 times, which means there is a problem in Realtek Audio service. Furthermore, If you look at the column, you can see that it is divided into little boxes and these little boxes indicate what category the failure belongs to. Reliability Monitor – View by daysBut if you select Weeks, then every column will represent a week.

Application Hang

The name of the cookie to use for the language cookie. If the locale middleware is active, it provides a fallback language in case the user’s preferred language can’t be determined or is not supported by the website. It also provides the fallback translation when a translation for a given literal doesn’t exist for the user’s preferred language. If the locale middleware isn’t in use, it decides which translation is served to all users. USE_I18N must be active for this setting to have any effect.

  • If you think your PC is overheating, the first step to fixing it is to check the temperature of your CPU.
  • There is another way through which you can update your Xbox without actually going into settings and follow the typical manner.
  • Likewise, How to fix update error 0x f on Windows 10?
  • The presence of a system malfunction with a stop code WHEA Uncorrectable Error when installing new programs indicates that Windows has encountered some kind of critical error.

You haven’t selected any specifications, therefore all solutions get displayed. New solutions can be submitted directly, while new specifications require approval. If yes, then the final solution is resetting your Windows to solve the problem on your Windows 11 system. Click on the Driver tab to open the driver details and options. Type Device Manager on the Windows search bar and press Enter key to open the Device Manager. Click on the Close button to close the troubleshooter window.

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In case you experience any issues, we have a guide on what to do if you can’t run the command prompt as administrator. Right-click on the current Wi-Fi network connection that’s available on your Windows 10 device; and choose Properties. Manually uninstall the adapters one by one – right-click on each entry and select Uninstall device. SFC and DSIM tools may help you to scan corrupted files and restore them. Chkdsk command checks any specified disk for corrupted or damaged sectors on hard drive or disk. But, if the diagnose process didn’t work for you.

Many people have reported issues with Windows Update in Windows 10. Check first that you’ve upgraded to the Windows 10 Fall update . If you’re still getting problems, download and run the Windows Update Troubleshooter, then reboot and try to update again.